Meet The Mayor

Rhonda Headshot_RoundHi, I am Rhonda Wall, an Online Business Manager and Mayor of VA Village. I enjoy working with Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Small Business Owners to help them manage and grow a profitable business.With over 10 years experience managing online businesses, including my very own online business , which allowed me to develop the skills needed to create a successful online business from the ground up. As a business owner myself, I understand the demands that come with managing and growing a business.

After working as a Virtual Assistant for many years, it allowed me to work with many types of clients and enhance my skills with a multitude of online business platforms and systems. I developed high level management skills of online businesses and found that I was becoming much more than a VA for my clients, I was really a partner in their business, sharing my expertise to help them grow profitable businesses and develop new products and launch the products. I then decided to focus more on clients who were looking for that higher level of support.

Now 10 years later I love being able to give my clients the peace of mind they need to be able to Focus on what they do best and allow me to handle the rest!